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Citytrip Berlin captured on Polaroid

Berlin was very nice. very kind people and good food at good prices. Of course I took some analog pictures in Berlin. Below you can find some polaroids made with sx70 model and some photos made with my tlr yashica lm camera.

Polaroids and photos are scanned with a epson v500 flatbed scanner.



berlijn sx70253


berlijn sx70256

berlijn sx70259


Summer polaroids

When I am on vaction, I cant let my polaroid camera at home, I was in france on the atlantic ocean on vacation. And I made a few polaroids with my SX 70 camera. The film I used is from The Impossible Project the px 70 color shade film.

It is so nice to capture a moment or a view with instant film because there is no negative, and it means that each polaroid is unique! you can’t make a perfectly same looking copy of a polaroid. And this makes it so special!


SCAN0269 SCAN0271

SCAN0272 SCAN0273