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Bye Bye Instagram

Bye Bye Instagram! I am not an instagram fan, everyone can turn digital bad photos into something analog look a like digital photo. I call it “A Digital bad photo analog look a like one click solution”  But now with the project from the impossible project, I think we got a solution for my hate on digital look a like photo’s, just play the video and you will see!

Summer polaroids

When I am on vaction, I cant let my polaroid camera at home, I was in france on the atlantic ocean on vacation. And I made a few polaroids with my SX 70 camera. The film I used is from The Impossible Project the px 70 color shade film.

It is so nice to capture a moment or a view with instant film because there is no negative, and it means that each polaroid is unique! you can’t make a perfectly same looking copy of a polaroid. And this makes it so special!


SCAN0269 SCAN0271

SCAN0272 SCAN0273