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Summer polaroids

When I am on vaction, I cant let my polaroid camera at home, I was in france on the atlantic ocean on vacation. And I made a few polaroids with my SX 70 camera. The film I used is from The Impossible Project the px 70 color shade film.

It is so nice to capture a moment or a view with instant film because there is no negative, and it means that each polaroid is unique! you can’t make a perfectly same looking copy of a polaroid. And this makes it so special!


SCAN0269 SCAN0271

SCAN0272 SCAN0273

Stand Development test

After reading about Stand development I decided to give it a try.
I used Ilford HP5 Plus 135mm film and rodinal 1:100 20C° development time: 70 minutes

I agitated the first minut, and after 30 minutes again 30 sec of agitation.

Some results:









Analog stuff

I was in a second hand shop, I bought 3 films: Agfa Isopan 100 Agfacolor CNS and Agfapan 100. these films are expired in the early 80s. The Agfapan 100 was already exposed in the 70s, but never developed, till now! I developed the film by my self, and here are the results, photo’s from the 70s!

Developed in rodinal 1+25 for 9 minutes 20°C
Negative format 6×6 cm 120mm rolfilm
Contact printed on Agfa Ridax paper (very old paper)