How to shoot and develop old film

If you found some old black and white film, maybe you can still use it. I found some rolls of old Kodak Verichrome pan 125 expired in 1972. So I loaded one roll into my Yashica 124G and made some quick test shots.

When you find some old outdated expired black and white film. maybe you can test it out! I found some Verichrome pan 125 in the thrift store for 25cents per roll. I overexposed 1 stop per 10 years it has been expired. the roll was expired in 1972 so did 4 stops over exposure. For developing I used the stand developing method with Rodinal dilution 1:100 for 110 Minutes and only agitate the first minute. I was very suprised how good the result was. below you see the result:

kodak verichrome 125 pan expired


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