using the Flexaret 6×6 tlr camera

I didn’t use my Flexaret 6×6 medium format tlr camera for a while, so last summer I decided to load a roll in my Flexaret. I used rollei cn200 120mm film and developed at home. scanned with my epson v500. This Twin Lens Reflex camera is amazing! You can grab a flexaret for a good price, and the quality is really amazing! I wan’t to shoot more with my flexaret. 

flexaret II

In february 2017 i’ve planned a winter trip to Oulu finland. right now it is october but I’am already thinking and planning for wich film and wich analog camera’s I will take with me. I hope to Capture some northen lights. 

Here are some summer shots with my Flexaret:

flexaret rollei cn200

flexaret rollei cn200

flexaret rollei cn200

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