Monthly Archives: November 2012

Slide film!

I wanted to test the fuji velvia 100f slide film, so a put a roll in my 135mm camera and go out, these are some results!

  • fuji velvia 100f

Oilprint me

Last summer I was model for campaign in a newspaper, it was a portret from me photographed by Niko Caignie

Today I made a oilprint from the portret.
This time i’ve tried another method for coating the paper. below is the result!


Tinne Blommaert First book

Tinne Blommaert is an analogue photographer. She mainly takes pictures of punk concerts and bands.

Tinne has also published her first book. The book comes in a plastic bag and is actually a small packet.
It is titled: I might be an adult I’m a minor at heart.
For more information on Tinne Blommaert and her book, please consult her website:
She was also a guest in my radio show on radio centraal. You can listen to the recording (in Dutch) by clicking on the link below:



Gumprint is a photographic technique from 1855, today I made one by my self